IR Vacuum Reflow/Brazing/RTA

SRO 704 - 706 - 714 - 716 over 420 worldwide units


  • Temperature: up to 1100°C
  • Heated plates, up to 450 x 450 mm
  • Fast heated plate ramping
    • Ramping up > 3.5°C/second
    • Ramping down > 2°C/second
  • Rapid single wafer processing > 50°C/second
  • 100 steps per program
  • Oxygen < 0,1 ppm
  • Hydrogen up to 100%
  • 40 kHz/2,45 GHz plasma
  • Formic acid activated nitrogen
  • Ultimate Vacuum: ~ 7 x 10-7mbar
  • High pressure atmosphere: up to 3 bar (abs)
  • Flux less, with flux and solder paste
  • Automation: cassette to cassette or in-line


The perfect soldering systems, solder reflow ovens (SRO) with rapid thermal annealing and brazing capability are IR lamp heated multi-purpose "cold wall" process ovens. The SRO is ideal for R&D, process development as well for low to high volume production.


Die attachment, IGBT/DBC, high vacuum encapsulation, MEMS package sealing, IR sensor/Crystal package sealing, wafer level packaging, thermo electric cooler/Peltier, low moisture package sealing, high power LED, laser bar, Getter activation, alloying, wafer bump/solder ball reflow, pin fin heat sink, backing, flip chip, 3 D-CSP, diffusion bonding, CPV, thermo compression bonding, pin fins, Hybrid assembly, MMIC die attachment, power modules, electric vehicle controls, power solar cells

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